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Chris Daughtry with his band Absent Element prior to American Idol

Chris Daughtry strikes a pose

Chris Daughtry Nails Wanted Dead of Alive in his First Fans Judged Competition

Hear 4 Clips from Daughtry

Can't Get Enough of Chris?  See Him and Hear Him Here.

It seems like the members of Chris Daughtry Fans just can't get enough of Chris.  Every day we get emails asking for more music, more information and just more Chris.

So we sat down and thought about it wondering what we could do to get more of Chris onto our humble site and decided to frame in some videos of Chris.  

We will continue to keep an eye out for great videos and bring them in as we find them and the time to do the work.  The videos here are a mix of news interviews with Chris, appearances on variety shows and some of Chris' greatest American Idol Performances.  

We will be adding new videos all the time so check back often.

  • Chris Interview on Fox 8 in North Carolina on November 3 -  In this interview you will get answers to a lot of questions we see here at strait from the source.  You may also go a bit insane when you find out how inexpensive tickets for Home Town residents were, when the first concert tour will start.  You will also hear which song is Chris' personal favorite, about a song written with Shinedown and that Chris may be one of People Magazines top 100 Sexiest People.
  • Chris' Performance of Hemorrhage on American Idol - To me this was the performance that let everyone know what we knew all along, that Chris was a super star just waiting for a chance to be seen.  Chris nailed this song so perfectly the band Fuel who originally cut the song tried to recruit him as their lead singer.  The only regret on this performance, is that like most AI performances it is short and only about a minute and a half long.
  • Chris on the Ellen Show - I just love Ellen and think she is hysterical despite here two sit com bombs I think she is in her realm now.  So I was really happy to see Chris on the Ellen show.  In this video you can see Chris and Ellen dance and hear how Chris felt about being voted off of American Idol.  You will hear Ellen predict a huge success for Chris and promise to buy his album and just get to see Chris being him self with some great humor and some "regular guy" humility.
  • Chris on Ellen Part 2 - Hear Chris Play a great acoustic version of "Wanted Dead of Alive", what more do I have to say on this?
  • Chris Always My Idol - This is about 10 minutes long and was clearly pieced together by a great fan!  I just loved it so I decided to include it here.   Basically in 10 minutes you can relive the entire amazing impact of Chris Daughtry on American Idol in 10 great minutes.  I found a lot of fan tribute montages but this one is the best so far.  When you watch this video you realize that there has never been a performer like Chris on American Idol before and their may never be one like him again.



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Chris Daughtry rocks out

Chris Daughtry Nails Wanted Dead of Alive

Chris Daughtry with his band Absent Element prior to his Idol Days

Chris Daughtry rocking the judges on idol