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 The Chris Daughtry Fans Online News Letter
Issue #7 November 22nd, 2006

1.  Get Your Copy of the Chris Daughtry CD
2.  Your Chance to ask the band a question
3.  Personalization Mall - Cool Stuff for Christmas
4.  A Special Thanksgiving Message


Get Your Copy of the New CD

One of the biggest things you can do to support Chris and help really launch his career is to buy his new CD.  Already pirated copies are being downloaded and while I don't totally hate sharing music especially older stuff it can really hurt a new artist trying to launch a career.  So please if you want to hear Chris buy his CD and help get the band off to a great start.

One really cool thing is now that the CD is officially released you can listen to samples of all 12 tracks at

Just Hit the Play Button Below to Hear Chris' 4 Clips

This just in!  You can now order the album Daughtry from - Order Chris Daughtry's Album Now

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Your Chance to ask the band a question

Last week when I sent out the previous edition of the newsletter I got an email from Joey Barnes' mother.  (Joey is the Drummer for Daughtry and you can see his personal MySpace Here

I had to ask her a few questions to be sure she was who she claimed to be.  You would be shocked how many people email me claiming to be part of the band, a song writer for them, the band themselves etc.  However, this really is Joey's mother and she promised to try to have Joey and perhaps Chris give me a call over the holiday.  I am not sure it will happen but if it does I want to be very respectful of their time and have a few questions they can answer for the fans.

So if you have a question email it to me right away at this is a temporary email and I will take it down after Thanksgiving as I already get enough spam.  I can't promise to use every question I get but I plan to pick the 10 that I get most often.

Cross your fingers for me, getting to speak to Joey and or Chris would be amazing and I will try to get something exclusive just for you guys if I get the opportunity.


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Personalization Mall - Cool Stuff for Christmas 

As I mentioned above people bought all kinds of stuff off Amazon and I was wondering why, my wife pointed out, "because Jack Christmas is coming and not everyone puts off things till the last week like you do" (rolls eyes).  Little does she know I have already bought her stuff including some cool stuff on

So what is  It is a great place where you can personalize gifts with people names or other special messages. It is also in my opinion one of the coolest places to get gifts for any occasion but Christmas and the Holidays in general are perfect times to visit.  One real popular thing are personalized ornaments which is a perfect holiday gift and very affordable to boot.   There are other cool things from all types of niches.

Like my son is an Philadelphia Eagles Fan so we ordered him a picture of the Eagles locker room that shows 4 jerseys hanging up, three have the names of star players on them and one will have my son's last name on it.  Now how cool is that!

If you want to do something really cool and really special for people you love this year check out Personalization Mall By Clicking Here.


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A Special Thanksgiving Message from Jack

I want to sign off on this edition by saying as we get ready for Thanksgiving I want to let all of you know I am thankful for you my site visitors.  When I created my humble little fan site I had no idea that in time we would get over 1 million visits but to date we have!  Your support for me and my work and for Chris has not gone unnoticed I appreciate all of you very much.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and try to reach out to someone alone or in need if you can.  Take time to call an out of touch friend or a family member you don't talk to often.  Life is short so reach out to others when you can and give thanks for all that you have.

If I may let me ask that you take some moment in time this Holiday and think about or pray for our men and women overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan and in other dangerous places.  Long ago I was an Army Airborne Solider from 1989-1993 and I served in Panama and Iraq so I feel a real brotherhood with the young men and women defending us today.  

Knowing that people back home cared was a big help during those times, so if you see a solider, airmen, marine or sailor this Thanksgiving go up to him or her and let them know that you are thankful for them.  They will look at you stoically an say thank you and it is "just their job" I know I always did.  Then at some point when they feel alone or scared they will remember you and possibly shed a single tear of thanks, I know I always did as well.


~ Jack Spirko

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