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 The Chris Daughtry Fans Online News Letter
Issue #1 May 12, 2006

Friends, This is my first direct communication to you since I set up the fan club newsletter.  Right now I am really busy with work and other projects not to mention my anniversary with my wonderful wife of  seven years is today and we are going away together for the weekend.  We have worked hard to build this site and we were just sure all of our wonderful visitors and us would be celebrating together at the end of the season.  I am not exactly sure what the future for Chris is but we want this site to be a place for his fans that won't forget him to unite.  I took some time at lunch to put together the stuff below for you along with my thoughts about what we should do next.

1.  Chris to Join Fuel?
2.  Should We Boycott American Idol
3.  Petitions (Do They Matter)
4.  What Went Wrong?
5.  A Real Forum For Real Fans
6.  55,000 People Came to Our Site

1.  Chris to Join Fuel -  This is not big new at this point the band extended the invitation quite soon after the elimination I think the bigger thing for Chris fans is should he?  Here are my thoughts on the negatives and positives of each.

Positives - The bands sound and choice of music is a perfect fit.  When Chris did Hemorrhage his popularity hit the highest it ever.  He is a writer and Fuel I am sure would be open to his writing and development.  He would allow them to market to a much broader audience and could utilize their established distribution and production channels.  Chris is new to fame and having a core group of industry veterans around him would be helpful in protecting him from some of the industries less then ethical producers and record company execs (there are NO SHORTAGE of those).

Negatives - He would hence forth be known as Chris Daughtry the Lead Singer of Fuel not just Chris Daughtry.  Not that big of a deal some of the best and most famous artists are part of a "group".  The only other negative I can see is he would not have 100% full creative control but I think with his personality and leadership he would have plenty.

My Final Thoughts -  I would support either decision, I think the real benefit for fans with Fuel is an album and a tour would happen faster.  Either way Chris is going to be a wonderful success.


2.  Should We Boycott Idol - I know many of you feel we should and I have not personally decided yet.  I do think something is amiss about the phone lines but there may be real reasons out of Idol's control as to why Chris lost (see what went wrong below).  I know it seems so unfair to us that Chris was at the bottom but you have to wonder what would Idol get out of doing something shady and getting rid of a person that had such a huge fan base and drove ratings for the show.

You see for American Idol Chris was good for business.  Only reason I can think of would be he is such a non conformist and did not "fit" the Idol model.  If that is the case then we could really tick off Idol by all voting for Tailor Hicks who indeed also fails to conform.  If there is a conspiracy (and that is a big if) I would have to believe Eliot would be the one Idol would want to mold with his backstreet boy look and feel.  You will also see he is clearly the least popular again in "what went wrong" later on.

I don't know what to endorse right now after I have really thought about all this I will let you know and of course you can all make your own choices.  I will definitely watch the final if for no other reason because Chris will be on it.


3.  Petitions, Do They Matter? - Personally I think even if 3 million people signed a petition it would still never make Idol back track on the issue unless they find out there really was a technical issue at play.  If so it would be a real mess and if Chris then won it might hurt him too.  That said it is a way to be heard and that is what America is all about so why not sign this petition -  it certainly won't cause any harm but just don't expect it to cause a recount.


4.  What Went Wrong - Everyone is crying foul right now certain that phone line problems (accidental or intentional) caused Chris to loose.  I am about to show you some evidence that will show you why that may be true and then to be fair and balanced explain how it could simply just be that the best man lost fair and square.  To not see both sides is not really the right stance so here we go.

There is a tool that you can use online, people like me that build websites use it and it shows the total number of searches done the month prior on Yahoo for any term.  One could state that which ever AI contestant got the most searches was most popular and who ever got the least was the least popular.  To try it yourself you can go to and see how it works.  When I ran the final four though this tool I was shocked to see Chris in third place!  With Taylor Hicks getting more then twice as many searches.  Here were the numbers in the order of who got the most to the last in March 2006....

  • Taylor Hicks - 169,546
  • Katharine McPhee - 93,880
  • Chris Daughtry - 56,153
  • Elliott Yamin - 13,091

Now I know some of you may be upset by these numbers but they are 100% democratic and from a system that is accurate and they don't count as votes all we can see is that Chris was searched for a lot less then Kat and Taylor.  Yet the real tale is Eliot who was in the top and most think should have gone long ago only getting 13,000 searches.  It would seem compared to the others Elliott has the least amount of interest and if there is any case to be made for rigging anything the numbers here would indicated Elliott lasting this long would be the biggest indicator.

Now let me state exactly how this could all be meaningless.  95% of the traffic to this site comes from Google!  Most Chris fans seem to be Google people not Yahoo people and 56,000 is still a lot of searches.  Still these numbers do make you stop and think.

The other side perhaps Chris simply lost because of two main reasons.  One everyone thought he would sail through and many of his fans were apathetic and did not vote or voted once because they were not worried.  Two, the Chris fans who were only moderate in their support loved Rocker Chris and each time he was forced into some genre of music that did not work for him

Consider that the other time Chris was at the bottom was when he did Louis Armstrong song (again forced into a stupid niche by American Idols themes).  Chris is not the type of person who should be doing Elvis songs.  In the end the less loyal fans who wanted Hemorrhage, Higher Ground and Wanted Dead or Alive may be the ones who failed to vote or voted for someone else.

If that is the case then the real crime is still doing "theme weeks" when we are down to the final four!  Going back to conspiracy theories that alone could be the conspiracy!  I have to admit that I did not follow past seasons as good as this, but was Bo Bice still being forced to sing "Song of Love" or "Songs of Elvis" at the time they were down to the final four?  

I personally despise the themes anyway and the crap about having them "show their range" is a weak argument.  Fuel won't be doing a remake of Shameless by Garth Brooks any time soon, now will Sheryl Crow be doing a version of any of Creeds work.  Real world artists do what they do best and let the public decide if they like it.  Idol should do the same.

5.  A Real Forum For Real Fans -   Right now all we have is our guest book and it is very active but we did have a real forum that crashed a few weeks ago.  We will be rebuilding this forum this Sunday so you can run polls and have discussions on specific areas not to mention we can better control the spammers and jerks who post nasty things.  As soon as it is up I will let yall know.

6. 55,000 Visitors To Our Site - In a statement of love for Chris on May 11th 55,000 unique visitors came to this website, a simple creation by a fan who wanted to do an online tribute to a guy who I believed would change American Idol forever.  One thing is certain Chris has fans that love him and the numbers prove it!

That's all I have time for today.  I thank you for your support of my site and your support for Chris, in my next edition I will tell you my plan for fixing the problems with American Idol.

~ Jack Spirko

Chris Daughtry rocks out

Chris Daughtry Nails Wanted Dead of Alive

Chris Daughtry with his band Absent Element prior to his Idol Days

Chris Daughtry rocking the judges on idol




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