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Want to learn how to build websites?  Get listed on Google?  Make money with the web?

This letter is my confession, this site does make money, read below to understand how and what it means to you


Tell me Jack I don't need to read your long letter, I know this site ranks well, If I can learn to do this stuff just tell me how to be notified when your free videos are available - If this is you Click Here

Hi, Jack Spirko here webmaster of Chris Daughtry Fans.  Since launching this little site we have had over 1 million unique visitors, mostly because we have dominated Google since the beginning for many terms including "Chris Daughtry", rest assured many others have tried and failed to unseat our dominance, in fact many have started to ask to buy our site.

Why?  They just do not understand how this simple little site, devoid of fancy graphics has managed to be so dominant and more impressively get 25,000 members on our mailing list in about 7 months since we started building it, (get this that is about 3500 new members a month or right at 120 a day)  So they want to buy it and push all the visitors to their fancy sites.  Now this is not all of them, but trust me a few have tried to buy us, and the offers are low enough that it tells me they don't have any clue how to really make money with a web site.

I want to be clear with you, I am not into hype and this site about Chris was never meant to be this big or a platform to market my eMarketing Course (we did not even decide to develop it until November).  I am just a fan, I love Chris' music and I love how devoted to his step kids he is.  I am a step father myself and the affinity I felt drove me to make this admittedly low tech site and chronicle Chris and his time on Idol.

Then I just did a few of the common things I do every day to rank the site well and could not believe the success the site enjoyed.  When Chris got voted off, let me tell you I had to call my server people many times in the next month to increase my bandwidth, you guys came breaths away from burning the server to the ground.  Fortunately Eric at HostingWithUS and his crack team kept it up and running.  During this time our tiny site was about the top 10,000 sites in the world according to Alexa.  Keep in mind that is top 10,000 out of BILLIONS of sites.

In the past year the success of this site has been like magic, because I genuinely love the same artist you do, my writing connects with our visitors, it is not cheesy or for profit.  Yet I will be honest there has been plenty of profit.  Just with alone we have sold close 2000 CDs and over a thousand other items visitors bought at the same time.  I mean everything from Hockey Jerseys, to toys to books.  The ad revenue has also been very good to us.

Still this site was just a thing I wanted to do because I loved Chris and his music, I have kept commercial content down to keep it a pure fan site and I never put the marketing effort into it that I put into my pure for profit sites.

Then in November I became fed up with all the "make money" crap I kept seeing online.  Most was junk and some was actually pretty good but the problem there is it was marketed by slicksters to new people with out the technical ability to use it right.  At the same time people were asking me all over "how" and "what" to market online.  They wanted to do what I do and others do who are successful online, they wanted quick answers and instant money.  I even offered to teach some of them but most just don't have the time and I certainly can't be running classes for people on their schedules.

I also had trouble explaining that I can't just tell you what to do because it is more about showing you how and this was compounded by the fact that I have been doing it professionally for more then 5 years.  Now you would not walk up to an aerospace engineer and ask him how to build an airplane and expect an answer would you.  First it is to much info to take in just in one conversation and second because it is his world he would use language you would not understand anyway.  Not because you are not smart or he is, just because you both live in different worlds.

In very similar way I would try to use terms like rss feed, conversion tracking, opt ins, measured ROI, split testing, etc.  Now these are not hard things to understand but if you asked me what a meglophone is I would not know, I have never heard of one, make sense?  And with out fundementals and a structure to show you how to do the basics and how to understand internet marketing concepts and terminology.  With out that even if I explain, even if I show you it will look like magic you can't do.  For instance right now, this VERY SECOND you are helping me learn how to write better sales copy and set up better systems.  I mean you, reading this, right now.  That may sound magical, but it isn't just like a magic trick once you know how it is done, anyone can do it.  In fact in our course I will be using this letter, right now and the information you are giving me right now to help teach people how to do this.  Really it's true!

So I decided to reach out to the best two other professionals I knew each a diverse marketing professional but both with a particlular set of skills that expanded upon mine.  Together we are putting together a course that will be a series of online movies that teach you everything about online marketing from the most basic to the most advanced methods.  This will be like looking over the shoulder of three professionals, for specific information anytime you want to, 24x7x365.

Better yet there is going to be a free members area so people can view a few movies and try some stuff for free and then decide if they want more access.  I simply feel this will be the only way for people to know if this is going to be something they want so we will be giving away free videos that teach some basics to anyone that wants them.

So now you have three choices

Choice One

OK Jack, I have read enough, let me just give you my email so you can tell me when this thing is available and go ahead and send me a link to one sample video. - If this is you Click Here

Choice Two

Nope I still want to know more, tell me who you three guys are and exactly how this is going to work before I make a decision - If this is you Click Here

Choice Three

Nope not interested I just want to go back to reading about Chris.  If this is you Click Here


~ Jack Spirko