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Ok Four Questions, Four Answers and I am finished with this!

OK, if you are reading this you are the type that wants lots of info before you decide on anything.  Well, no problem!  But this is the end.  I am offering a free look at some free videos, if this doesn't make you want to see them, I am done trying to explain.

So here are the three four questions I would have if I were you and my answers to them.

Who are the people behind this?

They are myself, Mark Barrera and Ben Fitts.  

I am a professional Internet marketer and currently manage all internet marketing for a major telecommunications company.  Prior to that I was the head of Internet Marketing for one of the largest  Internet Marketing Agencies in Dallas-Fort Worth.  I specialize in how to get sites to rank well in Google and other search engines, generating adrevenue and how to build huge email lists and have been doing so for close to a decade now.

Mark Barrera at one tme worked for me at that Agency I mentioned, he is still there and they have given him the job I left behind when I moved to my current employer. Mark has been developing online marketing campaigns for large and small companies and for himself for many years.  He is one of the finest marketers I have ever worked with and specializes in Blogging, Public Relations and Pay Per Click Marketing but is well diciplined in all areas.

Ben Fitts is a professional web programmer who is a master of PHP programming language.  He is also one of the very few programmers that actually also understands marketing.  While Ben is well versed in ranking sites, paid advertising, etc his real strength is his ability to teach people how to do the more technical aspects of things.  

The three of us together represent about 25 years of professional (read that employed to do these things) experience.  As you use our videos and audio training it will be like having each one of us teach you exactly how we do what we do.

Next Question - How will this work?

Simple enough when we launch our new site we will send you an email and you can join as a free member.  Once you do you can just view the videos and try out the things we teach you.  You will be able to view what to do step by step, try it out and decide if you want to know more.

Next Question - What will it cost?

The answer is free for the free videos.  Of course we will have a paid section of the site to really teach you how to market online.  We are going to keep the price as low as possible but the final price has not been set yet.  Plain and simple you can't spend any money right now this is just a chance to look at this course for free as soon as it is available.

Last Question- Man I just come to this site for Chris, I don't want to be spammed by some emarketing thing but I do want to know more.  You won't share my address or email me daily if I ask for more information will you?

One word answer NO, I hate spammers, heck just look at my recent post about spam in my Tech Blog.  I will only do what I have said I will do, send you one free video to hold you over and then let you know when the site launches so you can get more.  I may let you know it is comming soon or something but no I won't go shoving a ton of email at you, you have my word and you can opt out anytime.  We use an honest email service provider, opting out, means opting out.  Again you have my word on it.

So one final choice, what do you have to loose?

OK, I want to know more, send me my free video and tell me when your new training site launches. - If this is you Click Here.


Nope still  not interested I just want to go back to reading about Chris.  If this is you Click Here - Gee I can't believe you read this far just to say no!


~ Jack Spirko