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  • Chris Daughtry's Chronicle On American Idol 

May 11, 2006 - Is It Really Over? -  Last night I was stunned just like hundreds of thousands of other when Chris was voted off of American Idol.  Lot's of people are angry and upset and there have been a lot of reports that one of the two phone lines was down for up to 45 minutes but I can't confirm that.  

One thing I do know is NO IT IS NOT OVER, Chris will be the biggest star to come from American Idol.  We have set up an email list for our visitors to join so we can let you know what's next in the way of CDs, concerts and anything we think you would want to know.  If you have not yet signed up you can Join The Club By Clicking Here.  We have been flat out amazed with the back lash from this.  Here is what has happened so far on our end.

Twice you guys have broken the guest book with such massive postings.  Keep going we will keep fixing it just understand why if it gets hosed up again.

Today we received 40,000 visits to the site, NOT HITS BUT INDIVIDUAL VISITS and that blew up our bandwidth.  Our web host was contacted and we should be ok for awhile now as we just added 20 Gig more of transfer.

It seems a little odd that Chris is so popular that we are seeing all this activity but he could not beat out any of the others last night.  We are not sure what is behind it but rest assured our mission of spreading the word about Chris to his fans is NOT OVER!  Keep supporting us and we will keep supporting you and we can all KEEP SUPPORTING CHRIS.  

We will be bringing you more soon,  again if you have not already done so join the club,

~ Jack The Webmaster

May 9th 2006   -  Here we are folks down to the final four.  Chris Daughtry, Katharine McPhee, Taylor Hicks and Eliot Yamin and none of them could afford to stumble.  In my opinion there were some stumbles but Chris definitely did not.  I have to admit when I heard “Elvis Night” the fist words our of my mouth were, “why this far into the competition are they still forcing these guys into these stupid genres”.

That Said Chris stood up to the challenge and once again treated his fans to two great performances.

Performance number one was the better of the two as Chris rocked the crowd with Suspicious Minds which he said was his personal favorite Elvis song of all time.  I really thought it was a great song for him and his delivery was dead on.  Of the three judges Randy was the least impress, Paula as always gushed over in and Simon simply said “that will work”.  To me that really was the best compliment.  Anyone that can keep Simon down to only three words and none negative has hit a homerun.

Performance number two was also very good save for the fact that I just personally don’t really care for the song he choose, “A Little Less Conversation”.  Paula and Randy both loved this one.  Simon found it a little too soft in the beginning to which Chris responded quite accurately, “that is the way the song is sung and I wanted to stay true to Elvis”.  My response to that is mission accomplished. 

I am going out on a limb here tonight picking the final three will be Chris, Katharine and Tailor.  I think Eliot is going home despite that the judges loved him tonight.

Which brings me to my final words to all Chris Daughtry Fans tonight; get on the phone and vote, support Chris with all you have because this late in the game we can’t take anything for granted.

The Numbers to vote for Chris tonight are 866-436-5702 and 866-436-5706 or Text the word vote to 5702

May 2, 2006 - 1 Million Times better then the other performances!  That was the cynical Simon's comment to Chris Daughtry's version of Renegade (originally by Styx).  To me it was one of his best performances of all time.  As he again clearly showed as a performer he is simply in a different class then the typical competitor on Idol.

For his second show of the night Chris did I Dare You (originally by Shinedown) and it was simply not as good.  I still thought he did great but as the judges pointed out his voice gave a bit further into the song.  Never mind that not another contestant could even do that song, or that it was still one of the top four songs of the night.  

Once again Idol fans GET OUT AND VOTE for Chris as soon as the show is over.  Text it in, call it in or what have you but above all VOTE.  I think Chris will not just sail through this week but be the top vote getter as well.   

April 25, 2006 - Back on Top!  Tonight just one week after being in the bottom two Chris Daughtry came back to his fans with one of his best performances ever.  After a coaching session that involved singing on his back to better learn to use his voice Chris came out and  blew away everyone from the judges to the competitors and I would guess everyone watching. 

When I first heard tonight's song was "Have You Ever Really Ever Loved a Woman" by Brian Adams my first thought was, "if you want to do a Brian Adams song Chris there are better ones for you then this one".  Well when I'm wrong, I'm quick to admit it!  This was certainly tonight's best performance in my opinion.  I will lay odd with anyone who cares to take my bet that Chris won't be in the bottom three this week.  As I write this it is now 20 minutes since the show finished and I still can't get through to vote for Chris.  I guess his fans are just jamming the lines tonight!

So why was he at the bottom last week when all the judges including Simon thought he was just awesome?  I have had a lot of emails this last week asking my opinion on this.  Well, I do have a theory so I will answer that question in this weeks update.  I think there were two major factors in last weeks low vote.

First - Last week was melancholy songs from "The Great American Song Book", well great or not I bet there is not one die hard Chris Daughtry fan that had "What a Wonderful World" on a CD or MP3 player prior to last week.  I think many fans just figure Chris would sail through and kind of went to sleep and did not bother to vote.  It was just a pretty boring group of songs for rock and roll fans.

Second -  Adding to point one above Chris had the unfortunate luck to go first last week.  So his fans had to sleep through the rest of the show (including the very off performance by Kelly Pickler) and again I just think of lot of them were apathetic and figured he was in no danger of being knocked out.  So by the time the show was over they were off doing other things and just did not vote.  I think even the producers of Idol realized that and that might be why Chris got to go last tonight.

In any event tonight was one great performance and I don't think we are going to see a repeat of last week's elimination show. 

April 18th, 2006 - The Softer Side of Chris Daughtry!  Yes our number one rocker came out and shocked the crowd and his fans in a different way tonight.  Not with hard rock but with a soft touch.  With tonight being Rod Stewart night (why does Idol keep dragging our performers everyone has forgotten who are ready to start drawing social security, nothing against Rod but don't you think they could do something more contemporary) and I think to everyone's surprise he chose "What a Wonderful World".  While I myself am not a huge fan of the song or of that particular genre of music (call it soft pop) I was highly impressed with what Chris did with it.

The judges were impressed, Randy calling it "the bomb" in true dog pound fashion!  Paula threw it all at Simon stating, that she and Randy already knew how awesome Chris was but now Simon would have to admit that Chris had broken from what ever mold Simon had assigned to him.  So what did Mr. Smug, Mr. Arrogant, AKA Mr. Cowell do?  He took credit for it!  Claiming that Chris took his advice and it paid off.  I'm sorry but I just can't see Chris being true to anyone except to himself.  I just think he felt it was time to show some diversity and since Rod Stewart would never be his first choice why not now?  Further he clearly stated how much that song meant to him because of how he loves his family.

I would guess that Chris will pull the most votes tonight and have no doubt, (nor do I think anyone in America does) that he will be around next week, to again entertain, surprise and rock his fans.  Even tonight with a soft pop song you could hear the rocker tones underneath the melody.  I can't wait to see what comes next!  Make sure to comment on tonight's performance in our new Chris Daughtry / American Idol Forums.

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